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Kim Poma

Kim Adams

I support the empowerment of a woman to be her best, most beautiful self and therefore I support The White Dress Project.
The White Dress Project helps us embrace our desire to confidently wear white, which is symbolic of inner peace (mind), healthy reflections (body), the freedom to be a fashionista with no restrictions (spirit).

Dulna Aubourg

Dulna Aubourg

This condition has affected me, my mother and two of my sisters. After living with fibroids for many years, I decided to release my fears and fight back. I educated myself on the condition and treatment options, searched for the best physician, then had a myomectomy in 2011 removing several large tumors.
By the grace of God, I am still fibroid free today, and will do my part to help other women fight the battle!

Taryn Edwards

Taryn Edwards

Taryn is dedicated to promoting and educating the health effects of fibroids. Promoting fibroid education is important to Taryn because she experienced the effects of fibroids 10 years ago. She believes that every woman should be aware of the changes in her body. Taryn in blessed to have the opportunity to serve, promote, and educate a cause that personally affected her. She strongly believes that this is a testament to plant a seed to help others going through the same symptoms.

Alicia Johnson

Alicia Benjamin

In 2013, I had an abdominal myomectomy to remove three very large fibroids.
Less than a year later, an ultrasound revealed four new tumors, and my doctors say I’ll likely need a second surgery before planning a family.

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Dr. Soyini Hawkins
Dr. Melinda Miller-Thrasher
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Dr. Camille Davis-Williams

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