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The mission of the White Dress Project is to galvanize support and promote national awareness about the fibroids epidemic among women domestically and globally through education, research, and advocacy, The White Dress Project is an organization dedicated to raising funds for research and awareness for uterine fibroids.

Malignant (cancerous) growths on the smooth muscles inside the womb can develop, called leiomyosarcoma of the womb. However, this is extremely rare.

Meet Tanika Gray

Why am I doing this? The reason I started The White Dress Project is very personal. My mother lost two sets of twins due to fibroids and I was the only one of her children who survived, so it was very important to me to have a voice for the millions of women who have suffered the same way my mother did. I wanted an organization which could serve in memory of my lost brothers and sisters.


I also have had a challenging fight with fibroids. I have had excessive bleeding, abdominal bloating and cramping for much of my life. Last July, I underwent a myomectomy and had 27 fibroids removed, and during my recovery knew that I had to do something to bring awareness to this condition.


Earlier this year, I met with state representative, Alisha Thomas Morgan, and she sponsored a resolution that was passed through the House of Representatives declaring July Fibroid Awareness Month, HR 1898 in the state of Georgia.

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The White Dress Pledge

I pledge to...

Proudly wear my white dress, which symbolizes strength, courage, and perseverance

Increase awareness of the White Dress Project and fibroids to help others

Support my sisters dealing with fibroids and its symptoms